$25.00 - $30.00 / Sold Out


One of the first drawings I had done for Dollar Country. Drawn by Olaf Jens, originally on a magnet, but now on a T-Shirt. All proceeds after covering costs will be donated to the ACLU. If you would also like to donate the the show with your purchase I added a "Donate $5" item in the store.

Since this is a pre-order and I don't know if I'll make these shirts again or not, I'm letting you all pick whatever color you want. There are two pics in the description, one is all the available single color t-shirts and the other is all the available 3/4 sleeve baseball tee colors. If you don't pick a color it will be on a black shirt.

When you check out there will be a comment box where you can leave a message for me to see when your order comes through. Leave the color of shirt you want in there. If for whatever reason there's a problem with the color you wanted (they could potentially be out of your size) then I'll message you directly and let you know.

If you don't leave a shirt color in the comments you will get a black shirt.

If you want a different style shirt (longsleeve, sweatshirt, ringer etc) or one bigger than 2XL drop me a line at host@dollarcountry.org. Those options will be more expensive and I'll have to make sure they have that size in that color, but these shirts are for you and I want you to be able to get whatever one you want!