DC Mix CDs

$10.00 - $35.00

Choose your mix from the menu. All CDs are hand assembled with hand drawn covers by your friendly Dollar Country DJ Frank the Drifter. Also available on tape.

Mix CD #1: Twenty seven (mostly) unknown country cuts from the dustiest corners of America's dollar bins! It's a good tape, you'll love it!

Mix CD #2: Dollar Country mix CD featuring nineteen tunes from the Dollar Country vaults about death, drugs, and disasters.

Mix CD #3: Twenty four songs packed into 60 minutes about big rigs, the open road, and tragedy on the highway.

Mix CD #4: Mix featuring Christmas country classics along side complete unknowns you don't know you love yet.

Shipping Info: Canada and overseas shipping is very expensive and I charge a bit more than every situation warrants, if you end up paying more for shipping than it costs I will refund you the excess when I'm shipping your order.