Dollar Country BS Shirt


New Masters Of Reality Logo
Art by Ben Rumback
Wash before wearing

Available in Black ($25)
Bella + Canvas Tees


It's a bit hard to get the shipping right on my end with bigcartel because I have to have the shipping costs set before you buy anything. So if you end up paying more for shipping because of the auto calculated system I'll refund you when I ship your order any excess shipping.

The shipping rates are as follows:

Any amount of tapes/cds in the USA: $4
Single coozie: $3
Single shirt: $5
Single tote bag: $5
A mix of tapes/cds with shirts/totes: $10

For the most part 99% of my orders are one or two items and will fit those numbers, if you end up ordering like 5 shirts it might end up being a little different, feel free to contact me ahead of time for stuff like that.